Why Your Facebook Profile, Is Your Business Page Now

I don’t know about you, but when I want to buy a product or service, I do my research.

And the more expensive or more intimate that product or service is, the deeper my research goes. If it’s something that is a few hundred bucks, maybe a few Amazon reviews and a few articles will suffice, but if it’s a coach, a course, or something more involved:

I do my research.

When I want to hire someone to help me with running Facebook ads, tuning up my health, designing my website, helping me improve my writing, representing me, or training me in some very personal way, it’s very important I fully know who I’m hiring (and a review of their website won’t cut it).

In my research, of course, I’ll check out their website, read their online reviews, scan their online content, but the real meat of my decision buying is in going deep with who the person.  Learning who they are and what they’re into helps me determine my buying decision in a big way (since I’m just like anyone and I buy from people I like, know and trust) it’s a personal profile that will give me that information that fastest.   

While you might nod your head and think, “Well I have professional business pages my fans and potential clients can check out.” Which I think is great, but if your fan pages aren’t buttoned up and rich with amazing content and engagement, it may not do the trick. If your fan pages aren’t built up, don’t have a lot of participation, and if you’re not Gary Vaynerchuck, Tony Robbins, or someone of a high-caliber it’s unlikely it’ll satisfy your potential client who wants to spend a few thousand dollars on your services (or even a few hundred).

And if you’re not selling anything yet, or employed and just starting your side hustle, consider this little anecdotal story:

Years ago, in my previous life, I was a Senior Director a mid-size nonprofit.

A few months into my new position, I was scheduled to meet with one of my employees for her quarterly work-review.

Immediately into our meeting she anxiously blurts out:

“I’m sorry, I’ve been Facebook stalking you. I’ve been reading your posts, and I like your views about so many things.”

Mind you, back then I wasn’t who you know me to be now. At the time, I had a more than a full-time job, and hated social media.

Despite all of that, what followed astounded me.

Sitting at the table with a stranger, she began citing numerous in-depth details about me that I had never shared with anyone at work.

She knew I was adopted, had worked with the Gottman Institute, aspired to learn about marketing, wished to travel to Thailand, and that I loved my Miniature Schnauzer. She knew all these intimate details about me from just scanning my nearly-dormant personal Facebook profile.

That day, my understanding of a “private Facebook profile” completely changed.

That day I realized it was likely my boss had seen my profile, the board of directors who I met with weekly had potentially seen my posts, and most likely without a doubt – most of my staff had stalked me online.

My Facebook profile wasn’t private, and in fact, I realized it was a reconnaissance tool anyone could use to dig deep into who I am. And now as a business owner, I recognize my private Facebook profile can help attract, draw, and magnetize my potential clients closer.

And if you’re thinking, “Well my profile is private, no one can see it unless I let them.” I want you to consider how precious business real-estate is (since I’m writing this for you business owners who have something to sell).

Your business real-estate isn’t just in your business pages, or through your website, but in fact, it’s also in your personal Facebook profile.

By posting the right content, the right pictures, and even the perfect positioned offers – anyone can get some side-hustle money (or as you learned, from my article on Entrepreneur Magazine or via my interview with Ryan Stewman yesterday, you can even create a healthy six-figures with just your personal Facebook profile).

Having a personal Facebook profile that speaks to your ideal clients is one more very simple to use tool to generate income (and in my case, it’s how I earned money before I had funnels and before I sold digital courses). And if you’re reading this it’s likely you’re an average user who spends at LEAST 50-Minutes a day on Facebook, or if you’re like me, it’s at least two hours daily. Between doing ads, managing my groups, posting, and catching up on what’s happening with my friends and family – I am an avid consumer of time on Facebook.

So, if you’re like me, or if you’re like the average user who is spending nearly 365 hours on Facebook every year – don’t you think it’d just be smart to make some of that time profitable?

In my opinion, if your time on Facebook is a time suck, or doesn’t somehow feed you, you’re squandering your most significant asset on earth – TIME. And that’s why I’ve devised a way to show just about anyone how their time on Facebook can be both: business and pleasure. Connection, fun, and revenue-generating.  

Sure, people will go to your website and check your professional business pages, but those who are more invested or slower to buy will also look into your private profiles to ascertain a more extensive review of who you are.

If you’re in the business of selling products and services that are a bit more costly, it’s certain; you have numerous potential clients who are logging into Facebook and checking out your profile.   

With over 1.49 Billion people logging into Facebook daily, it’s a great place to learn about just anyone. Not only that, according to data from Hubspot and other sources at least 74% of people on Facebook are there for professional purposes. If Facebook wasn’t a good place to earn money, it wouldn’t be a multi-billion dollar company that has businesses hooked on spending for attention and clicks.

While Instagram is a great place to capture an image of who you, and while Linkedin is a professional platform that helps the ‘resume-research,’ it’s on Facebook that most in-depth view of someone can be had.

With just a quick review of your profile, it’s likely I can learn; where you work, what interests you, what groups you belong to, what books and movies you enjoy, and who your friends are. With just 10-15 minutes on your profile, I can learn a WHOLE LOT MORE about you than what you’d likely put on your website. The intimacy factor of Facebook makes it a goldmine to learn about who someone is.

Take, for example, Nimble CEO, Jon Ferrara. His company is likely worth over $100 Million dollars now and is partnered with Microsoft. If you go to his business profiles or his website, it’s unlikely you’ll learn he is a strong leaning democrat, admonishes our current administration, and loves the Dodgers. Or, how about my friend Todd Brown, one of Agora Financial’s secret weapons – a quick scroll of his profile and you can find mutual friends, that in early November his house is already decorated for Christmas, he listens to music by Tedashii, or that he’s reading Robert Green’s newest book. All that information I’ve pulled for you by just taking 1-minute on each of their profiles. In both cases, these guys have their profiles set to public and their posts are public so I’m not sharing some secret, it’s all there for you to see.

If you were to do business with them, or better yet if you were to do business with you, what information would you want your ideal client to find out about you? And how would you create content to foster trust, a relationship, and eventually the sale?

How might your personal Facebook work to hinder or expedite the process leading to a sale?

To better answer these questions, I highly recommend you check out my free training, Profit From Facebook; it’ll show you how to button-up your profile and how to assure you’re shown in the best possible way to your potential clients.


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