5 Ways To Make Money On Facebook Without Ads

Since I started my online business, I’ve been using Facebook to bring in business.

With over 1.47 Billion daily users on Facebook – there are a lot of business opportunities on this free platform.

In my case, I use free Facebook groups, my business page, Messenger, and Facebook Lives to reel in clients. The platform is a monster for sharing content, making connections, and networking.

If you’ve ever used networking to get clients – that’s what Facebook is, a huge gathering of people. Not only that, according to Hubspot reports, seventy-four percent of users are there for business purposes. Imagine being able to go to a networking event without paying and with the simplicity of swiping your phone – that’s what you can with Facebook.

Personally, if you’re not using Facebook (with ads and without ads), you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. If you think you need ads, take a look at these screenshots from my vault.

Those are just a few wins, I have many more, but this hopefully gets you excited by the prospect of using Facebook for sales (with ads, without ads, and without any fancy technology needed).

All that being said, let’s dive into the 5 Ways To Make Money On Facebook Without Ads.


Remember sales, in a nutshell, is this:

You have something to sell. You make the offer to people, and they either buy or don’t. The more people that you offer it to, the more likely you’ll make sales. When you make offers, and you make enough, you make money.

That’s it. Simple as that.

Of course, it can get more complicated, but that’s the simplest way to describe sales.

Most people on Facebook aren’t making offers. They don’t tell people what they do through their Facebook posts, their messages, and their Facebook Lives – so no one buys.

The first way to make money on Facebook is through telling people what you do – and making offers. Give people the opportunity to learn about what you do.

If no one knows what you do, no one will ever buy. If you’re afraid to make an offer, just start by telling people what you do – give them the chance to learn about your offers and let them decide.

When I was broke and looking for work, I once posted on Facebook:

“Hey, I’m looking for work. Have anything I can do that you’ll pay me for?”

That little post got me a simple weekend gig helping someone move. I made 75 dollars. Not much, but it was more than I had before and I needed that money.

Over time I’ve gotten way more advanced, but that got me started.


Use the search bar in Google to look for work in your niche and expertise.

This isn’t hard, all you do is go into the search bar of Facebook and type in what you do.

For example, sometimes I’ll go into Facebook and type in: Website design. My team builds websites, and this little trick has made me over $10,000 dollars by merely looking at posts where people need websites created, and I talk to them.

Give it a shot and play around with the words you type in.


Find groups that are relevant to what you offer.

In my case, I like to go into coaching groups, copywriting groups, fitness pro groups, author groups, consultant groups – because this is where the people who need my services are at.

I participate in the group, add value, share ideas, and give the users insight that helps them.  

This always leads to conversations, new fans, and more business.

Try it.

Go into groups where your ideal clients are at (not where your peers at, but instead, where your ideal clients are hanging out at).


Start following someone like me, successful people on Facebook. If you’re the average of the people you spend time with – start making the time online time you spend with a new average so you’ll level-up.

Watch we do and start to mimic it.

Read our posts, absorb whatever you can.

Might I say, buy our courses and coaching if you can swing it. Coaching is a fast-track to the end goal.

In my case, I like to follow business pages – people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Billie Gene Is Marketing, Hardcore Closer, Russell Brunson, John Assaraf, and many others. The idea is – I follow the people that teach what I want to learn, are where I want to be, and are inspiring to me. I suggest you do the same.


Become your best-self online.

Be the person that you’d want your clients to see. Post and share the content that will appeal to your ideal clients.

This is what I do, I share and add value in all the ways I believe my ideal clients would like.

I tell stories, teach, and promote the things I know my ideal clients will love.

This is alluring to my perfect customer, and it positions me as the answer.

Become the answer for your soon-to-be clientele.

Since people buy from people they know, like and trust, you need to be the kind of person that your fits the picture-perfect ideal of your customers.

And a BONUS tip:

Go pick up my free training, Profit From Facebook. I’ll show you in a video series what you need to make money on Facebook without ads.

I love sharing content through my blog, but I believe that if you see me on video and watch me walk you through the crucial steps – you’ll absorb this information even deeper.

Now, as we wrap up, tell me – what would you like to sell on Facebook? And if you already do sell on Facebook, what is it that you offer the world?

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