Early in my business, I joined an exceptional community of online business owners. Back then, I was very green and new to the online world.

By being part of this group I got access to people much smarter than me, much wealthier than me, and I received an education ten times the value of what I paid.

As I matured in the community, not only did it become a precious resource for information, it also formed the backbone of how I got clients and fed my business financially.

What Not To Do In A Facebook Group

Inside the group, I networked, became well-known, and created a name for myself among a community of my ideal clients.

As a newbie to the online world, this group became the heart and lungs of my business. It fed me, clients, helped me meet hard-to-reach people and gave me a place to network on a regular basis.

So, when I was kicked out and banished, it was a devasting blow.

Nowhere else to get leads, to network, to meet my ideal clients…

It hurt me personally and professionally to be banished from the group…

With no time to feel bad for myself, I had to gather my wits and figure out a way to replicate my success but somewhere else.

Looking for resources to get myself back up to speed, I realized something.

I had to be kicked out of the group. If I wanted to grow and become the business owner I dreamt of – I had to find another way. I couldn’t go on suckling leads and clients from someone else, and I couldn’t rely on one single source to feed my whole business.

Feeding off one group would eventually lead to my demise, either by getting me kicked out or by making me entirely dependent…

That’s when I realized, the best thing that could have happened was being asked to leave.

How To Turn A Loss To A Win

The shift from, it’s bad it happened to it’s the best thing completely changed the experience.

It wasn’t a letdown; it was a windfall.

Next, I had an overwhelming number of ideas that to this day feed my business ten times more powerfully than being part of anyone’s community.

One of those realizations was that I needed to grow my own community. I needed to be a leader and be someone who had his group where no one else could ever kick me out.

Instead of being dependent on anyone else’s group, at that moment, I chose to expand my reach and develop my community – and that’s precisely what I did.

How Getting Kicked Out Of A Facebook Group Can Be A Good Thing

Now, as I look back, I am thankful that I made a few heinous errors that led me to be kicked out and banished from that group – if I hadn’t I’d still be playing small and relying on someone else’s group that they own to produce results for me…I wouldn’t be a leader in my space, I wouldn’t be cultivating assets that I own, and I’d still be relying on someone else for something that I am better off knowing how to do myself.

By being ‘kicked out,’ I was invited to join a new reality – one where I can generate my own leads, cultivate my own profitable communities, and I don’t need any one thing to feed me or pay me.

By ‘flipping the script’ on any experience, we can always find a positive. Not just a silver lining, but instead, we can find a hidden gem that makes us more prosperous and more liberated than ever before.

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